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Stop Using Plastic Bags. Switch to Biodegradable Bags!

Plastic bags are not the only type of bag on the market. There are biodegradable bags that will break down when exposed to water and air. Biodegradable food storage bags have many benefits, including being eco-friendly and reusable!

We utilize a biodegradable plastic additive to produce our biodegradable plastic bags and films by mixing it with any popular plastic resin in small quantities while maintaining their desired other properties.

The biodegradable additive is a kind of a food-grade material and can be derived from renewable sources such as corn starch, cassava root, and potato. This makes our bags sustainable.

Biodegradable plastic does not contain any harmful chemicals like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or bisphenol A (BPA). PVC and BPA are considered toxic because they have hormone-disrupting effects on the human body which can lead to breast cancer in women,

When discarded, these plastic products exhibit the same desired mechanical properties, have an almost comparable shelf life, and work with the microbial communities found almost everywhere on our planet to metabolize their material into biomass and carbon dioxide.

This process is slow, but it does happen.

Plastic bags are a cheap and convenient way to carry food home from the grocery store. However, plastic bags pose environmental hazards in various ways: they are not biodegradable, and take years to decompose naturally; as plastics break down they release harmful chemicals like dioxins that have been shown to be toxic for human health. A lot of them end up in landfills where they can't degrade properly.

Despite the fact that 100 percent paper shopping bags are completely biodegradable, most retailers hesitate to offer them.One of the reasons is that paper bags are more expensive than plastic.

Bags made from recycled material are the best bags to use for the environment, as they are less expensive to purchase. Plastic, wax, chemicals, and other products are also often added to paper bags to strengthen them to withstand heavy purchases.

We sell reusable food storage bags for a reasonable price, and they last longer than paper or plastic ones. They are also easy to wash with cold water on your dishwasher's top rack (don't put them in the heated drying cycle!).

These resealable compostable food storage bags are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Perfect for storing food in the fridge or taking snacks with you on the go. These are suitable for storing all kinds of foods, including fat and acid-related foods.

They work great in the refrigerator or freezer and have good puncture resistance and elasticity. Shop these resealable, compostable bags in small, medium, or large for all your food storage needs.

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