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Collection: Eco Friendly Phone Cases

Protect Your Phone and the Planet With Sherzilla's Eco-Friendly Cases



The Sherzilla Eco-Friendly Phone Case is a phone case that comes with your choice of three types of durable, high quality, and eco-friendly materials.

These materials include cork, fabric, or natural wood.

Each material has their own benefits for you and the environment!

Cork protects against shock and scratches while being one of the most sustainable resources on earth! Fabric cases are not only stylish but also make it easy to clean off your screen by wiping away dust.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!



Natural wood is also a sustainable resource and one of the most beautiful cases we offer. It protects against dust, scratches, and water damage while being aesthetically pleasing.



Plant-Based Cases

Almost all of our new Galaxy and iPhone cases are made from plants, such as bamboo and corn starch

.  Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on earth and can be grown with very little water. Corn starch is obtained from corn cobs after being ground, which is a byproduct of the process used to make ethanol fuel for cars.

Product Line: We offer cases in a variety of materials including bamboo, natural wood, animal-friendly vegan leathers, and synthetic polymers that are sustainable resources!



The cases are 100% biodegradable and create a cleaner, greener future for all. Please say goodbye to plastics, because they will no longer be necessary!'s Recent Articles:

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348 Million Tons of Plastic


End Up in the Ocean Every Year

1.6 Billion People Lack Clean Drinking Water

Sea Turtles Killed by Plastic Trash Pollution


Help the world reduce its plastic consumption by switching to our biodegradable phone case today!

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