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Bamboo shirts are a staple in any eco-conscious person's wardrobe. They're made from bamboo which is the fastest growing plant on earth and it makes them super soft and breathable. They're also sustainable, which means that when you buy one of our bamboo shirts, you can feel good about your purchase because we only use materials that have been responsibly sourced and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Bamboo viscose fiber makes incredibly soft, comfortable clothing.If you're looking for an environmentally-friendly way to make a difference in the world, one of our bamboo shirts is perfect for you. Bamboo is grown rapidly and requires very little water to grow. When it's cut down, it can be harvested every three years with no detrimental effects on the plant or its soil so there's never any long-term damage to the environment when we make clothing from this sustainable material. In addition, bamboo fiber creates clothes that are soft and breathable

Bamboo Shirts: The Original and Still the Best Source

Unlike conventional textiles like cotton and polyester, bamboo-derived fabrics feel silky to the touch. Our mission is to provide individuals with options to make a positive impact on the environment.

When we switch to sustainable bamboo materials instead of non-sustainable fabrics, we help protect our environment. I can't describe how good it feels

Bamboo shirts have a natural odor that may not be for everyone. We encourage you to try our bamboo clothing in the comfort of your own home. Bamboo fiber clothes are perfect for those who like the feel of natural materials.

Every individual is encouraged to take part in sustainable efforts that make a positive impact on our environment. In addition, bamboo-derived fabrics create items that feel silky and soft to the touch--perfect for people who prefer natural fibers over synthetic ones. All you have to do is shop with us, and we'll deliver your order right to your door! And don't worry about Bamboo shirts having an odor

You save the planet, too, when you purchase bamboo products made from sustainable's a Comfy Way to Save the Planet.Bamboo shirts: the original and still the best source.

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